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Special Education Learning Management System

The K-12 Special Education Learning Management System, Esybee, is an educational tool that manages curriculum and individualised instruction to maximise student learning. Esybee design is according to Instructional Design principles and combines with Learning Science, Machine Learning, Neuroscience as Artificial Intelligence technology to facilitate interactive learning environments that support learning.  

Esybee is using Adaptive teaching as an the approach aimed to achieve a common instructional goal with learners whose individual differences, such as prior achievement, aptitude, or learning styles differ.

 Adaptive Learning In Corporate Training And Its Benefits

  • One-To-One Instruction. Adaptive learning helps in providing focused attention on an individual. ...
  • Greater Time Efficiency. ...
  • Confidence-Based Approach. ...
  • Create Individualized Learning Paths. ...
  • Personalized Learning For A Heterogeneous Group. ...
  • Provides Focused Remediation.

Esybee delivers and provides every child with an excellent education through concrete learning and teaching strategies as personalisation that improves student's "Learning". Esybee means to be "THE" platform where teachers, students and parents meets to discuss their child and student's knowledge, using teaching and learning strategies and Special education that facilitates learning toward inclusive and equitable quality education. Esybee planned to be cost-efficient, quantifiable and reliable. It's reduced administrative costs and instructional support costs. Benefits typically include increased student engagement and the potential for improved academic outcomes. Esybee Educational platform building is according to UDL principles:

  • Equal opportunity
  • Flexibility
  • Adjustability
  • Information perceptibility

Easy to use and quick to implement.

  • Esybee's instructional design is to facilitate learning, make the student engaged and self-direct with digital content. The instructional designer at Esybee understands emerging learning theories as Bloom's taxonomy and constructivism, how they relate to the way students learn in our digitally connected world. The LSM draws up to be easy to use. It addresses all aspects of the IEPs process, manages student's unique educational needs and learning. Esybee controls from the process of referral to evaluation through the eligibility process for the Special Education Program. Esybee offers both the parent and the teachers, if necessary, the possibility to evaluate the student to determine how severe his learning problems are or whether a disability exists.

Grade book

Esybee grading system is a cloud-based system that helps monitor student's performance, provides easy access to simultaneously student's assessment and grade, attendance, progress monitoring, and gives a possibility to collect home-work, the assignment from students online, among other functions. Esybee's grade book can use different web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox from devices, such as iPhone and iPad. Esybee grading system gives Teachers, Special Teachers, Principals, Students and Parents as School Administrators access to synchronised data through a powerful Dashboard.

Esybee grade book synchronises the student's grades with a continuous assessment that helps Teachers accurately scaffold learners in their proximal developmental zone, using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology.


According to, skills, defines as "the ability to use one's knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance". The skills evaluation is a common element of an assessment plan as the baseline is the start point of measurement for each annual goal. Both information derives from assessments align with the general education curriculum.

The student's present level of academic and functional performance (PLOP) serves as a baseline that is a collection of data that correlates a child's needs, abilities and potential. 

We offer

 Learning through Evidence-Based Practices

Esybee is committed to improving Teachers' effectiveness through Evidence-Based Practices, Professional Development and design instruction that accelerates and ameliorate Students' Learning process, that is more effective, personalised and aligned with opportunities brought by technology and the digital environment.

Response to intervention

An assumption made in inclusive classrooms is that all children are receiving appropriate instruction, which fits the philosophy of RTI. This model would affect both children with disabilities and children who need intervention for other reasons.

The Response to Intervention (RTI) model screen children with learning difficulties and use these data to design interventions. This model would affect both children with disabilities and children who need intervention for other reasons.

At Esybee, the RTI is the model to facilitate inclusion for students with learning and behaviour problems.

Gift & Talented Students

Gifted students demonstrate the ability to perform at a relatively high level concerning intellectual, academic creativity, leadership or artistic capability.

Usually, their educational needs and expectations are unforeseen in regular classrooms. Our top priority is to help them to reach their full potential. Esybee Learning Management System is designed based upon research-based instructional support available for a Special Education Program for Gift & Talented Students. 

Empowering Parents 

The Esybee Learning Management System empowers the parents with the necessary tools, allowing them to follow, and manage their children's learning. Teachers and Special Teachers can deliver differentiated, standards-aligned content, enhanced by powerful assessments test, data tools and evidence-based instructional support, from the cloud-based platform Esybee.

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